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Gone are the days when the dearth of resources obturated stopped you from realizing your full potential. At Cargo 365, we completely understand what running a freight management business is like it’s certainly no cakewalk.

Make way for our transport management software which is a 360º solution that ensures productivity, efficiency, and cost management whilst ensuring enhanced visibility into your business from fleet to warehouse, courier, and finance!

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FASTag Integration
FASTag Integration
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Payment Gateway with Trusted Bank
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Live Tracking
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Chat Bots
Inter branch Synchronization
Inter branch Synchronization
3rd Party ERP Integration
3rd Party ERP Integration
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QR & Barcode Integration
IOT Integration
IOT Integration
OCR Integration
OCR Integration
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Perfect solution for mid to large 3PLs, Brokers, Forwarders, and Shippers

Why Our Transport Management System for Multi-Mode Transportation?

Our transport management software is a comprehensive system that empowers your business with state-of-the-art features and functionality including but not limited to:

Software reporting and dashboards
Software Reporting and Dashboards

Powered with an intuitive interface, our transport management system offers configurable TMS system dashboards to simplify data access. You also have intuitive reporting options and dashboards to manage customers, partners, and managers.

Portals for improved visibility
Portals for Improved Visibility

Interact with all partners like never before. Courtesy: a wide array of portals that make communication uber-easy by overcoming barriers that always held you back in legacy systems. Whether it is vendors, partners, or customers- communication will no longer be a sore point.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Experience improved efficiency and simplify workflow on multiple fronts & make finance management a breeze. From invoicing to credit management, & freight audits, the system automates all processes. Seamless integration with other systems is another huge advantage.

Planning Optimization
Planning Optimization

Another intuitive and ultra-advanced feature that makes a difference while delivering an order. Getting recommendations as conditions change out there in real-time is another salient feature of our transport management system as you get new route options.

Better supply-chain visibility
Better Supply-Chain Visibility

Improve your supply-chain visibility by a significant margin as you get more visibility. With real-time updates, the monitoring capabilities enhance drastically. Manage cargo movements and take your performance to another level with improved SLAs like never before.

Improved Safety
Improved Safety

Monitoring driver behavior and maintenance of vehicles allows you to ensure safety at all times. Besides, digital maintenance programs enable fleet owners to manage maintenance schedules with utmost ease. Creating digital processes is also a breeze.

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Tracking shipments becomes a cakewalk

Make optimum use of the features and functionality to not only track shipments in real time but also get key insights to improve your transport operations.
  • Automation: Automate and streamline processes for increased efficiency and cost savings.
  • Route Optimization: Optimize route by leveraging automated route analysis capabilities.
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Improved Productivity

Save time Make data-driven decisions

Manage your relationships with multiple carriers and make data-driven decisions for enhanced productivity as it takes into account distance, cost, and delivery time.
  • Better customer service: Manage your workforce and improve performance for better customer service.
  • Real-time tracking: Customers can access the information in real-time which means saved resources & improved performance.
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Mobile Application

The Power of Technology

We bring you the power of technology to your fingertips. Real-time synchronization & information updation makes inter-branch & inter-department coordination a breeze.

Access information on the go- anytime, anywhere by using our feature-rich mobile app.

Eliminate warehouse & inventory errors for stock consistencies & improved processes.

Ensure compliance and safety with ultra-advanced tools & access to compliance & safety information.
More Reasons to Choose a TMS

A transport management system results in

Stay focused and productive with a clean and clutter-free note
space. The flexible ways to organize your notes: hashtags, nested notebooks, pinning notes to the top of the note list, etc

  • Enhanced Service Levels
  • Reduction in Overhead costs
  • Annual Cost Reduction

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Hear from Our Clients

“A very great experience! Great Client Service, Great Integrations, Always being updated and that is the most significant! They are always on the move to bigger things! When a firm keeps upgrading and finding more effective ways for you than its a win! I'm delighted that I found Cargo365cloud for my transport business.”
Paresh Walimbe
Mr. Paresh Walimbe, Director

GoldFeather Logistics Private Limited

“Cargo365cloud is excellent software in comparison to the likes of other transport management software systems. They beat them on price and customization and customer service. It also supports GPS tracking. Ease of Usage Interface is easy to understand and straight forward.”
Mr. Ravi, Operation Head

Premal Roadlink

“Everything looks like it might work really well. Data is well formatted, GUI is easy to use, and the pricing is fair. It's Excellent transport software to work forward. It is highly recommended.”
Mr. Bhoopsingh, Director

Verma Logistics

“Modern businesses need to be flexible, and Cargo365cloud gives us the ideal platform for flexibility, from our 360-degree view of the logistics business to our fully integrated application workflows.”
Rupen Chhaya
Mr. Rupen Chhaya, CFO

Kataria Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.

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Every business with commercial vehicles is engaged in fleet operations & management in some way or the other. Overseeing fleet performance and achieving productivity is the prime goal here; however, a lot more goes into it, for instance- route planning, driver management, costs, and waste reduction to name a few.

Using fleet management software helps you achieve astonishing results and statistics tell you the story. A compound annual growth rate of 11.3% in the fleet management industry in the past few years can be attributed to cloud-based fleet management solutions. From fleet financing to fuel consumption, vehicle monitoring, telematics, maintenance, and safety; using fleet management software streamlines the whole process.

Cargo 365 is a premier company offering bleeding-edge and bespoke solutions to its global clientele. We have a vast pool of software development experts harnessing state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to bring your business and productivity woes to an end.

Our TMS system is easily configurable and highly flexible which allows you to scale as your business grows. Besides, you can expand your wings by driving innovation which is a great competitive advantage you can make the most of.

Harness the immense potential of our cloud-based transport management system (TMS) that not only improves your fleet performance but also ensures sustainable or eco-friendly deliveries.

Centralization of the billing process facilitates a standardized billing procedure. Thanks to the defined methods that benefit both your employees and customers whilst slashing costs quite significantly.

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