Why Cargo365cloud?

Why Cargo365cloud?

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Cargo365cloud - Transport Management Software(TMS) - allows transporters to automate their business needs regarding growing productivity, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and reliability. It helps in business expansion by automating entire process and managing business with transparency in cost as well as resources. People in management are alerted and can resolve issues, if occur any at initial stage and prevent bigger problems.

TMS functions as a logistics management tool in a collaborative network of shippers, carriers, vendors and customer

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ERP Application Variants

The application variants of this software are:


Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of transport operators and freight forwarding companies. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge.

Administrative Controls

Cargo365cloud is designed with the idea of total control over the branches from the head office.

Installations over Internet

Cargo365cloud will provide you with an authorisation code to activate the branch application set up.

Multiple Companies in Single

Cargo365cloud efficiently supports multiple Companies with multiple services like Cargo, Courier or other services.

User friendly Local Data Backup

Cargo365cloud is capable to backup the data to the local disk through its desk top application.

Automatic Remote Data Backup

If your data is at Risk, your business is at Risk!! “But how? I used to back up my data base regularly!”.

Ensured Security

Seamless security features are integrated to safeguard your business data while designing software.


Cargo365cloud is integrated with an efficient yet powerful integrated search options.


This being the heart and head of Cargo365cloud, it is the real solution we offer to your business.


Bar-coded imprinted Lorry Receipts makes it easy to enter the information in system fast and error-free.


Setting different rights for different level of employee, gives them access to only what they are given rights to do and nothing more than that.


Customer can pay their dues or pay in advance through online payment mode quickly from anywhere, anytime.


You can be integrate GPS tracking system for visual picture of where your trucks are and what freight is on them, offering real-time track and trace for you.


Get a Detail Information Of All The Vehicles In India Using Its Registration

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The futuristic haulage work flow management solution – Cargo365cloud - developed with keeping an eye on entire work flow.

Scrutinizing through loads of pages to understand how well business is doing, is rare for management people. Then what's the quickest way to speedy evaluation of the accomplishment? Well, swift way to summarize business at a single glance is representation of data in form of dashboard and reports by the logistics management software and the transport management software.

It has been divided into six major modules for the ease of operations. Let's have a look at it!!

Dashboard Management

Statistics for Outstanding amount, Details for LR, Challan, Unloading...

Operations Management

Operations regarding site survey, generating Lorry Receipt, managing LR,...

Account Management

Payment regarding operations are managed with various voucher, MR...

Report Management

Reports can fetch the information from operations, account and billing modules...

Back-End Management

Back of the whole system is managed by master and utility management...

Database Management

Database backup/restoration and keeping history of each operation performed...


Cargo365cloud provides the complete vehicle details for managing your most expensive machineries – your vehicles....


Cargo365cloud was originally created to help the team of Transport & Logistics to best address the challenges of performances in their business. Now we bring it to you

Software as a Service (SAAS)

Our application software is available in Software as a Service (SaaS). Need not to invest in IT infrastructure, integrate your branches network and manage your business operations with just a PC and internet connection.

Integrated Online Accounting

We have already integrated accounting together to offer an end to end paperless solution. Hence no need to manage separate accounting software.

No User License Fees

Cargo365cloud is Web-based so Transport Operators, Internal staff, drivers, sub-contractors, accountant, most importantly their customers can all come onto the system for free.

Total Transparency

Information is at your fingertips. It’s transparent and highly visible so you can see at a glance, how your business is doing.

Lowest Business Overheads

Work operations can be done with minimum resources and manpower, with maximum control over the process. This alone plays significant reduction of business overheads and cutting cost.

Spectrum Of Features

Online back-end admin panel, master data creation and editing, account management and MIS reports are few on the list.

Mobile Application

Mobile application consists of few modules of web portal for remote operation.


Dashboard shows statistics for Total LR...

Lorry Receipt

Lorry Receipt is part of transaction management module...

General Voucher

General voucher is part of payment management in Account management module.

Survey Form

Survey forms helps users to fill in details remotely from any place...

Bill Submission

Bill Submission is part of Account management module from web portal


Back of the whole system is managed by master like account master, company master and etc.


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