Industries - Transportation

Industries - Transportation

What is Transportation?

Transportation is moving whatever comes out of one location to the next location. That might mean transporting something from a manufacturer to a distributor, or from a distributor to a customer.

Why Transport Management Software?

Transportation Management System software reduces transportation cost and increases delivery reliability through collaboration across all modes and providers.

Transport management allows transport companies to manage their international and domestic transportation, tacking supply chain complexity with integration to partner systems and a single control layer for monitoring the lifecycle of transportation.

Transportation Management Software

Revolutionary Transport Management Software (ERP) on a new scale: Cargo365cloud

The business expansion phase is never going to end in any country, and it is growing day by day internally and externally. The expansion phase of any business leads to the many severe and compatible task in import, export and transportation area. The business expansion could be made with other countries and their organizations as well. So the transport department has to handle the riddles of the transportation of the goods and provide the essential services to the customers.

Transport & supply department of many organization has been continuously dealing with the new enigma of transferring their products or goods by manual work and less workforce. Whether it is a problem of protection for the products or specific location area where the product reach and assurance to the customer to delivering the product to the doorsteps, the efficient system which helps to any organization to deal with these types of problems and create useful tools for the other necessary functions related with the transport department. As well as the supply chain management department can make a substantial impact on the worker's load and the growth of any organization.

Transport management software comes in mind first when all the transport business function needs to be done under single roofs such as the Finance department, Bilty management, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Operation department and many more.

Cargo365cloud comes with the entire Transportation Management System software(ERP system) with GST compilation and make a strong impact on users productivity and efficiency of work in transport services. The functions and modules we provide are very easy to handle and to use. Cargo365cloud is an online platform with enable uses of every service of Transport Management System and Logistics services.

Cargo365Cloud: Functions

The functions or features Cloud365cloud put forward are listed below:

Transportation is moving whatever comes out of one location to the next location. That might mean transporting something from a manufacturer to a distributor, or from a distributor to a customer.

  • Administrative Control
  • Divisional Set-up
  • One-hand Platform
  • Back-up Services
  • Data Security
  • User-friendly site settings
  • Integration of divisions
  • Various Payment gateways
  • User support team
  • Live tracking & tracing service

Transportation Management Software

All the functionality provided by Cargo365cloud involve all the functionality to users and creates a better environment of working under a great efficient tool for transportation management support. Vehicle verification functionality which satisfies the users to identify the vehicle which carries their goods, states of issuing vehicle and number of the vehicle. These functionalities will be on your Desk-Board system and Barcode system, which helps to make an error-free user environment.

Key features of transportation management software:

  • Software is Integrated with transportation planning, sourcing, execution, and freight payment & audit.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • Control layer to appreciate immediate visibility and response whereas sanction native partners to use their existing systems.
  • Series of performance analytics to live compliance to setup arrange.

Transport Management Mobile Application


In this technological era, no one has much time to invest more and more time in a single workload on a single workplace. Everyone needs an instant support and technology attachment tool which helps to utilize the time. So be helpful to the users we introduce the Transport Mobile Application tool which enables all the functionality provided in the desk-board system. We help both type of users: Organizational users and customers who are using the facility of this system. Mobile Application includes all the activities and support like Dashboard, Transactions, Payment, Live tracking, Services tools, Finance & Account details and all the facilities.

Mobile Application makes the work-flow of employees and customers very easy and reliable for this system. Users may be used to it with this mobile application tool for improving the usages and can reduce the work-load at a single workplace.

Business expansion process can be done by using our efficient and effective tool of working with cargo365cloud services of Transport Management System ERP tool. End to End services & support provided by our team to facilitate the new environment of working.