Industries - Consignee / Import

Industries - Consignee / Import

Consignee / Importers


It is a person or a government approved firm of a respective country to act as an ‘Importer’ to bring product/goods or services in a country from outside countries. The importer is capable completing necessary legal import customs clearance procedures and formalities on arrival of goods into a country. However, they can sell again(resell) consignment before the arrival of products to a third party and want not be a final purchaser. In different words, the title of consignment may be transferred before the arrival of goods.


It is a person or a firm to whom the consignment is consigned by the shipper.The recipient might or might not be the actual buyer of products. If freight forwarding is concerned in a shipment, the recipient/consignee of Master airway bill or Master Bill of Loading could also be the same freight forwarder and not the ultimate purchaser of products. The recipient need not be a government registered importer.

Challenges of Consignee / Importers

- Compliance, Speed and accuracy measure of essence of imports so as to confirm that the products to measure that the goods are moved lowfully without any of the complications. A delay will upset the complete setup plan requiring emergency management measures to be adopted to bring things back on path. Delay within the import method also means that boosted expenses.

- Inefficiency in handling the import clearance, demurrage, detention and different such problems near the prices of imports outstandingly. The essential would like for managing issues expeditiously becomes an extreme priority for importers if they need to avoid the block of their investments and pile of expenses. The utilization of superior Import management system software will alleviate the issues of Importers and consignees to a good extent and facilitate them efficient their operations.

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