Industries - Customs Clearance

Industries - Customs Clearance

What is Customs Clearance?

Department of Customs Clearance was the government selected authorization which implements the policies associated with export and import, to collect customs duties and make smooth transportation of people, goods and cargo into and out of the country.

Customs Clearance Department Authorities

Customs departments have offices at the lease bit airports, seaports and border gateways that are the exit and entry points for cargo movements.

Customs agencies are authorized to confiscate goods, arrests and revel in powers like police departments.

Customs Clearance

How Cargo365cloud is beneficial to Customs House Agents

Cargo365cloud - Customs Clearance module can handle the advanced domestic and international trade Customs compliance method with ease to make sure the cargo is cleared fleetly and on time.

The customs management software keeps pace with the constantly changing Customs Rules and Regulations. Cargo365cloud’s Customs Clearance Software is updated instantaneously on any change in Customs rules and regulations.

Challenges faced by recent Custom Clearance Industry

  • Rare use of advanced technology.
  • Excise policies and customs
  • Constantly changing customs rule.
  • Global business image.

Cargo365cloud-System can Streamline Customs Brokerage process

Transport & logistics Customs Broker Software boosts the speed, accuracy and transparency of the Customs Clearance process. The Customs clearance and forwarding agent or Broker module would be automates filing of documents – the single most cumbersome task of a Customs Brokers/ Customs House Agent– online as well as manually.

All the intelligence of Customs regulations is built-in and updated regularly to incorporate any changes in government policies. This gives you complete assurance of regulatory compliance so that you can focus on managing and growing your business.

Benefits of the Customs Broker Software

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • Access via internet browser, No requirement of software installation.
  • Document filing to any Customs location.
  • Enable your organization to provide improved service to your customers.
  • Pay as you go - No Software to buy and No AMC to pay.
  • Enhanced customer reporting system.
  • Helps informed decision making.
  • Reduced administrative costs.