Modules of Cargo365cloud - Transport Management Software(TMS)


Statistics for Outstanding amount, Details for LR, Challan, Unloading and Billing can be seen on Dashboard for quick review. Also it shows detail of advance payment as well as balance statements.

  •     Billing Status
  •     Total Amount
  •     Payment
dashboard management
transaction management


Operations regarding site survey, generating Lorry Receipt, managing LR and challan along with unloading details are effectively divided into various modules. Survey forms manages details of survey before transportation begins that helps in managing things while executing transport process.

Lorry receipts deals with LR generation and updating. Lorry hire and challan management manages all the details for lorry hire and challan. Lastly, Unloading details will be managed in Unloading management after successful delivery.

  •     Lorry Hire
  •     Challan
  •     Unloading


Payment regarding operations are managed with various voucher, money receipts and bill management. Lorry hire voucher, general voucher, goods freight voucher, purchase voucher, journal voucher, inter office advice voucher etc manages various expenses.

Money receipt management handles all the operations related to money receipt. And, bill management takes care of purchase bill, bill with LR and bill without LR. Bill submission is the last module where final payment is calculated and bill submission happens with date of bill handling to client.

  •     Payment Receipt
  •     Sales Bill
  •     Purchase Bill
  •     Lorry Hire Voucher
  •     General Voucher
  •     Goods Freight Voucher
  •     Purchase Voucher
account management
report management


Reports can fetch the information from operations, account and billing modules to get the business summary. Here is the list of reports included :

  •     Statement Report
  •     Ledger Report
  •     LR Booking
  •     Challan and Lorry Hire
  •     Unloading
  •     Bills
  •     Bills Summary
  •     Outstanding Report
  •     Money Receipt
  •     IOA
  •     General voucher
  •     Lorry Hire Voucher
  •     Good Freight Voucher
  •     Purchase Voucher
  •     Journal Voucher
  •     Credit or Debit Note Report


Back of the whole system is managed by master and utility management. Where various masters like account master, company master, consignee/consignor master, item/type of packing master, station master, tax master and vehicle master etc. While Utility management works out LR cancellation, issuing LR and challan book range and bill submission details.

  •     Account Master
  •     Company Master
  •     Branch Master
  •     Consignee/Consignor Master
  •     Item Packing Master
  •     Station Master
  •     Tax Master
  •     Vehicle Master
  •     Group Master
  •     Employee Rights Master
  •     Courier Master
  •     Bank Master
database management


Database backup/restoration and keeping history of each operation performed in software can be reviewed here.

  •     Database backup and restoration
  •     History of data manageable


Cargo365cloud provides the complete vehicle details for managing your most expensive machineries – your vehicles.

  •     Vehicle Details
  •     Trip Management
  •     Vehicle Insurance
  •     Driver Details
  •     Reminder
  •     Fleet Reports
account management

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