Industries - Transportation

Industries - Transportation


Transportation is moving whatever comes out of one location to the next location. That might mean transporting something from a manufacturer to a distributor, or from a distributor to a customer.

Transportation Management

- Cargo365cloud - Transportation Management System software reduces transportation cost and increases delivery reliability through collaboration across all modes and providers.

- Transportation Management allows companies to manage their international and domestic transportation, tackling supply chain complexity with integration to partner systems and a single control layer for monitoring the lifecycle of transportation.

Key Benefits of Transportation management system

  •    Reduces transportation costs.

  •    Eliminates billing errors in the audit process.

  •    Standardizes globally on one transportation management platform.

  •    Reduces transportation provider switching costs.

  •    Gains faster deployment and low cost of ownership.

  •    Integrates 3rd party control towers.

We can help you

  •    To get a "what-if" analysis with transportation modeling to see the impact of neutering your transportation policies before you execute.

  •    Reduce time for RFP preparation and better communication with bidders.

  •    Minimize prices by increasing utilization of all transportation assets.

  •    Simplify charge /billing and scale back freight payment errors.

  •    Turn a lot of loads in less time with no delays or charge-backs.

Achieve full, current-time visibility shipments on the yard, yard inventory, and yard security.

Key Features of Transportation management system

  •    Software is Integrated with transportation planning, sourcing, execution, and freight payment & audit.

  •    Flexible configuration.

  •    Control layer to appreciate immediate visibility and response whereas sanctionative partners to use their existing systems.

  •    Series of performance analytics to live compliance to setup arrange.