Vehicle Verification - Transport and Logistics

Vehicle Verification - Transport and Logistics

Get a Detail Information Of All The Vehicles In India Using Its Registration Number

Lastest trends and technology will override our oldest methods by the time and change. Everything is done at fingertips. With few taps you can get your work done and is easy to manage things and time equally. From enquiries, bookings, transactions or any similar task that required physical efforts can now be done without taking any efforts.

Many apps are available to deal with online grocery, food ordering, shopping and etc. We have tried to develop an app to get the details on Car Info using Numbers plate. This helps to find out the complete details of any registered vehicle in India.

What is Cargo365cloud Vehicle Verification app?

It allows you to find out the complete information of any vehicle registered under the RTO of any Indian state.

What details can we get from Cargo365cloud Vehicle Verification app?

Simply on entering a Vehicle Registration Number you can view the following information of any vehicle:

  • Owner’s Name

  • Registration Date

  • Registration City

  • Type

  • Model

  • Engine Number

  • Chassis Number

  • City and State

  • Age

What are the benefits of Cargo365cloud Vehicle Verification ?

  • You need a vehicle number before you access all the relevant information about any vehicle.

  • Verify and identify the real owner of the vehicle by your own.

  • It includes all the two, three, four wheelers and more.

  • Check info about unclaimed or suspicious vehicles around your area.

  • Don’t need to visit RTO to get any information about the vehicle and owner.

  • It doesn’t disclose sensitive information like phone numbers or address.

  • Keeps a record of all your recent searches.

How to check details of a vehicle?

Checking the details is very easy on this app.

  • Open Car Info Number Plate Search

  • Input the vehicle number on the given box

  • Tap on search