Why Cargo365cloud - Transport Management Software (TMS)?

Why Cargo365cloud - Transport Management Software (TMS)?

The logistics industry in India is facing enormous change, like digital transformation, new market entrants, changing customer expectations and new evolving business models. If you have a competitive streak, now is the time for action.

It requires extensive knowledge of logistics industry, its work system, obstacles that occur in day to day operations, analyzing industry trends, bottlenecks in infrastructure, and last but not the least, immaculately incorporate best of various technology to design a high-end product that securely hold your business.

Cargo365cloud - Transport Management Software(TMS) - allows transporters to automate their business needs regarding growing productivity, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and reliability. It helps in business expansion by automating entire process and managing business with transparency in cost as well as resources. People in management are alerted and can resolve issues, if occur any at initial stage and prevent bigger problems.

TMS functions as a logistics management tool in a collaborative network of shippers, carriers, vendors and customer

Ever changing business environment is inevitable, hence transport management software which has scalability, extend-ability and can be easily optimized, integrated is preferred choice for business owners and entrepreneurs. Cargo365cloud assists transport and logistics companies shift goods origin to destination more efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively. Our application quickens interactions between company's order management system and its warehouse management system.

TMS functions as a logistics management tool in a collaborative network of shippers, carriers, vendors and customers. Their modules include route planning and optimization, load optimization, execution, goods audit and payment, inventory (yard) management, advanced shipping, order visibility and carrier management.

After deploying transport management software, it helps organization in cost reduction through better route planning, load optimization and mode (air/road/ocean) selection. It boosts process execution and accountability by adding transparency into the transportation chain process.

Transport Management Software Features


Optimizing and consolidating the route - The major concern for any transport and logistics company is to define to best route for shipments. The decisive feature of the TMS is implementation of multimodal transport system by simultaneous planning and route execution for numerous carriers. Thus put an end to needless extra trips that results in transport cost-reduction.

Selection of mode and carrier – Selection can be made for type of carrier and mode of transport considering parameter like cost, distance, service demand and efficiency. Most preferred carrier method can be selected from available central pool of data.


Integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) – WMS makes easy access to real time data such as warehouse inventory entry and exit movement, tracking of goods, carrier dispatchment and makes decision making faster.

Integrated audit and payment – It comprises calculation of available service options, freight charges etc. Organization can swiftly recognize the problem area and resolve issues with the customers and shipment. The transport management software empowers organization to manage payments efficiently and in effortlessly.

Performance management

Tracking and tracking shipment – Carrier information will be available across website and mobile application to distributor and customer as well for better transparency and goods visibility. Moreover, monitoring the shipment leading to improved management and reporting to both the customer and the shipment agency.

Visibility – TMS is equipped with a comprehensive view of whole transportation process. Most essential information is accessible all the time to manage the supply and demand of the goods to be transported in efficient way. Hence it reduces transportation cost significantly.

Benefits of Transportation Management Software

The benefits of including this software in your organization are: